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Superfood Skin Glow Mask

2 oz | 60 ml

59 reviews


The essential face mask to solve dry, dull, acne-prone, aging, or congested skin. The creamy formula hydrates, plumps, gently exfoliates, and saves dry, tired-looking skin in minutes.

Product Details

CLEAN BEAUTY Made with natural ingredients! Made in USA

Our superfood skin glow mask ingredients rejuvenate and brightens giving your skin a youthful glow. Featuring the powerful elements of Pumpkin, Neem, Fruit Enzymes & Vitamin E to make a naturally effective glow mask. Instantly balance and restore dull, tired skin with a creamy mask that delivers age defying antioxidants, essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals.


We use ingredients that are Natural, Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Vegan, Paraben Free, Phthalate Free, Sustainable, Cruelty Free & Non Toxic.




Apply an even thick layer to clean, dry skin. Wait 10 minutes. Rinse well and follow with serum and moisturizer. Use 2-3 times per week.

For best results follow with Youth Glow Day Serum and Dream Glow Moisture Cream.

Slight tingling upon application is normal. If irritation occurs, discontinue use.



Pumpkin – Contains vitamin A, C, E, and antioxidants, which help fight sun damage and wrinkles. It also has fruit enzymes that help naturally exfoliate dead skin cells. It helps to promote the production of collagen which helps in improving your skin tone and elasticity

Neem Oil- Balances out the melanin secretion to lighten up dark spots. It’s also rich in vitamin E, which reduces free radicals in the skin to reverse damages and keep your skin supple. It also locks in moisture to smooth out the skin texture.

Glycolic Acid – Is great for exfoliation, effectively removing the outermost layer of dead cells from the complexion, revealing brighter, fresher skin. Plumps the skin and helps boost hydration levels.

Fruit Extracts – Naturally high in antioxidants and excellent for reducing the appearance of redness in skin. Helps to boost radiance.



Pumpkin Fruit Purée (Cucurbita Pepo), Water (Aqua), Glycerin, Vitamin E (Tocopherol), Sunflower Seed Oil (Helianthus Annuus), Phenoxyethanol, Citric Acid, Meadowfoam Seed Oil (Limnanthes Alba), Xanthan Gum, Glycolic Acid, Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid), Organic Sugar Cane Extract (Saccharum Officinarum), Organic Bilberry Fruit Extract (Vaccinium Myrtillus), Organic Sugar Maple Extract (Acer Saccharinum), Organic Orange Peel Extract (Citrus Sinensis), Organic Lemon Peel Extract (Citrus Limon), Organic Cranberry Fruit Extract (Vaccinium Macrocarpon), Organic Neem Seed Oil (Melia Azadirachta), Organic Rosemary Leaf Extract (Rosmarinus Officinalis), Organic Sunflower Seed Oil (Helianthus Annuus), Cinnamon Bark Powder (Cinnamomum Zeylanicum), Ginger Root Powder (Zingiber Officinale), Allspice Powder (Pimenta Officinalis), Nutmeg Powder (Myristica Fragrans), Organic Alcohol

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  1. t

    Verified Buyer

    Skin Type Combination

    Skin Shade Dark

    Age Range 17-24


    The pumpkin and neem face mask definitely left my skin glowing. I saw a noticeable difference in the brightness of my skin after I used this mask! It has a great scent. You definitely smell the pumpkin spice. It’s not a heavy mask. So your skin won’t feel heavy with it on. Although you might feel a tingling sensation when you initially put it on, it goes away pretty quickly. I would recommend! This mask is great for the summer time!

    Yes - I would recommend this to a friend
  2. Mallorie
    Verified Buyer Kansas City

    Skin Type Oily

    Skin Shade Light

    Age Range 17-24


    It’s so good I want to eat it. Seriously. But really, it wakens and brightens my skin up almost instantly. As with all MODB products, I love that they are clean and natural and won’t ever harm my skin. I love feeling like I’m feeding my skin all the good nutrients it wants!

    Yes - I would recommend this to a friend
  3. D

    Deborah Grisham
    Verified Buyer Memphis, tn

    Skin Type Dry

    Skin Shade Light

    Age Range 31-40

    Pumpkin leaves my skin glowing

    I absolutely love the pumpkin scent in this face mask. It has a whipped texture to it. The superfood makes my skin glow. It makes my pores look smaller. Its made in the usa which is amazing.

    Yes - I would recommend this to a friend
  4. A

    Addy A
    Verified Buyer Usa

    Skin Type Oily

    Skin Shade Deep

    Age Range 25-30


    I love this face Mask, This is a very great produCt. Its smElls like pumpkin and the the FEELING it left on my face after using it is great. My face felt the REFRESHment. I have a very SENSITIVE skin and to my SURPRISE i didn’t react to the mask. I love this mask. My new to go mask.

    Yes - I would recommend this to a friend
  5. Y

    Yessica Michelle
    Verified Buyer New York

    Skin Type Dry

    Skin Shade Medium

    Age Range 25-30

    Glowing Pumpkin Pie goodness

    Trying our this face mask and in love with it so far! It leaves my skin feeling soft, plump and gives me this beautiful glow that most mask don’t give! I like that it’s different from other face mask in that it doesn’t dry you out and has a purée like feel and very light weight! Normally I’m on the side of caution when trying new mask, because of my dry sensitive skin, but this mask agrees oh so nicely with my skin!

    Yes - I would recommend this to a friend
  6. k

    Verified Buyer

    Skin Type Combination

    Skin Shade Medium

    Age Range 17-24

    love it

    I love this face mask! It smells a little like sweet potatoes! it’s different from a clay mask because it has more of a puree texture, so its lighter on the face and doesn’t make your face feel stiff when it dries down. my face has been feeling so clean and refreshed since using this mask! i also love that the ingredients are all natural!

    Yes - I would recommend this to a friend
  7. K

    Verified Buyer Sterling, VA

    Skin Type Combination

    Skin Shade Medium

    Age Range 31-40

    Amazing Pumpkin Mask and my new fav product!

    Wow! This is an awesome maSk and You get so much product that I can see this lasting quite a while. A little goes a long way too and I can feel this working through my skin with a slight tingling feeling that feels wonderful! This is Great for all skin types too, which I love! I always recommend to do a spot check Before using just to be sure you aren’t overly sensitive or allergic to any of the ingredients in this product. Happy masking 🥰

    Yes - I would recommend this to a friend
  8. I

    Verified Buyer New york

    Skin Type Combination

    Skin Shade Light

    Age Range 25-30

    pumpkin pie in a jar!

    This was my first time trying out this Superfood Skin Glow mask and I absolutely love it! First of all, it smells just like pumpkin pie. It also has a wonderful texture and leaves my skin feeling nourished, fresh and soft. I really appreciate that Model Off Duty are using natural, ethically sourced, ingredients for their products and that everything they make is cruelty free. And I definitely recommend trying this mask, especially if you love pumpkins!

    Yes - I would recommend this to a friend
  9. L

    Layla Shaikley
    Verified Buyer

    Skin Type Dry

    Skin Shade Medium

    Age Range 31-40

    Good for pregnancy

    This mask smells so good – literally like pumpkin pie. It also works well. I am pregnant and searching for clean products to limit the chemicals in my body, and this mask combined with the night cream got my skin moist in dry winter weather. I read a bit about the company, and they are committed to natural ingredients sans sulphates or parabens. It’s hard to find good clean products, this is definitely a keeper.

    Yes - I would recommend this to a friend
  10. A

    Ashleigh-Ann Sutherland
    Verified Buyer

    The Superfood Glow Mask made my skin soft and you can tell that they used actual pumpkins in the mask. It was easy to take off and my skin went from looking dull to bright after just using it one time. I have sensitive skin and it didn’t irritate my skin at all it just soothed it.

  11. C

    Verified Buyer

    Pumpkin! This mask smells wonderful, it’s easy to apply and has a slight tingle as it dries. My pores were noticeably smaller following application as well as the morning after. I loved how my skin looked, as well as the overall texture! Happily adding to my skincare routine!

  12. A

    Andrew evans
    Verified Buyer

    Absolutely loved how it instantly started going to work on my skin. It started tingling which means the product was doing it’s job. A little product goes a long way too! Apply a thin layer, let it sit for about 15-20 mins. Then there you have it. Nice, plump and glowing skin! Definitely reordering 👏🏾

  13. C

    Verified Buyer

    This is my absolute favorite mask from MODB! It has a delicious natural pumpkin scent that isn’t overwhelming on the skin. It’s a thicker texture but it doesn’t fully dry so it won’t leave your skin feeling dry. The first time I used it I noticed my skin was left with such a beautiful glow and radiance. The exfoliating properties also keep the skin smooth and fresh! This will be my go to mask when I want my skin to glow!

  14. B

    Bella Beauty
    Verified Buyer

    Smells soo good! If you want to keep your skin bright and even toned then this is deff a must have!

  15. Amber Peter
    Verified Buyer

    Very good. Makes my skin super soft and I can tell a difference in the short time I’ve been using these products

  16. A

    Verified Buyer

    Such a lovely face mask. It was a nice thick and rich consistenCy that i really enjoyed. My face felt livelier and full of moisture. The next day i woke up with such a beautiful glow. Great product!

  17. R

    Verified Buyer

    Let me start off by saying this mask smells just like PUMPKIN pie! Not only does it sMell great, it also left my skin feeling so soft. I’m so glad i found this!

  18. V

    Verified Buyer

    Absolutely love the little bits of pumpkin within the glow mask! I really appreciate the fact that everything is all-natural and there were not any ingredients I did not recognize. This mask really helped bring life back to my dull face after a long night of drinking. Definitely keeping this is my cabinet for future emergencies!

  19. R

    Verified Buyer

    I confess I used to be skeptical about products made only with natural ingredients but that mask made me change my mind about it.
    I feel my skin tighter after using it. Plus, I love the glow on my skin every time I use it 🤩 Great product! So glad to have the opportunity to know MODB products! ❤️

  20. V

    Vani z
    Verified Buyer

    I recently tried this mask and let me tell you I LOVE IT! It left my skin feeling so fresh and my complexion was glowing. This is definitely staying in my skin care routine!

  21. S

    Verified Buyer

    I’m not a fan of Pumpkin Spice anything but I HAVE found a new pumpkin-y product that I’m loving for fall. The “Superfood Skin Glow Mask” by @modeloffdutybeauty contains Pumpkin, Neem (also known as Indian Lilac,) Fruit Enzymes and Vitamin E, all of which are good for restoring dull or tired-looking skin. One thing I love most about this mask is that it’s totally natural and non-toxic (Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Vegan, Paraben Free.) I’m new to the “natural beauty” world but MODB is making me a believer. I will definitely be trying more of their products in the future!

  22. J

    JeNN G.
    Verified Buyer

    Need this mask!
    I am obsessed with my new mask Pumpkin + Neem Glycolic Acid Fruit Extracts not only smells great but it feels amazing. After leaving the mask for about 10mins my skin(face) felt clean,soft and had a natural glow. Definitely, can’t wait to add this product in my routine. The best part of this product is that it’s natural, vegan, and cruelty-free. Love it!

  23. r

    Verified Buyer

    Love this mask! It’s super light on application but can feel it working. Once I took it off my skin was butter smooth. Definitely will incorporate it into my routine.

  24. A

    Amy Fernandez
    Verified Buyer

    5 stars all around! I love prepping and pampering my skin with this Pumpkin & Neem Glycolic Acid Superfood Skin Glow Mask. It smells just like real pumpkin and I can tell I am putting all-natural products on my skin (no added scents). It has a tingly feeling at first but as your skin warms up to it, it goes away. You are left with soft, exfoliated, and moisturized skin! Perfect for these upcoming colder months.

  25. M

    Verified Buyer

    I love the way this product smells and feels. My skin felt hydrated and dewy after using it.

  26. P

    Verified Buyer

    I’ve been using this for the last 2 weeks. I love the natural, organic ingredients in this mask. My skin looks more radiant and feels so soft afterward. The glycolic acid helps to exfoliate my skin but it does tingle slightly in the beginning. My skin is used to acids so this feeling is normal. It smells just like pumpkin with a little bit of cinnamon so pretty much any candle store during fall. My only issue is that my skin feels a bit tight when I first wash it off.

  27. D

    Verified Buyer

    I love this mask! My skin feels tight and smooth afterwards and it helps shrink my pores. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a little skin pick me up.

  28. A

    Agatha Sarah
    Verified Buyer

    Love this mask! Makes my skin feel super smooth and really helped calm any breakouts I had. Also the smell is amazing.

  29. S

    Verified Buyer

    Pumpkin + Neem Glycolic Acid Fruit Extracts- If you like pumpkin than this is the perfect face mask for you, not only is the smell incredible the product is creamy and luxurious and feels great when spreading on your skin. The product is filled with fruit extracts that are known to give you that healthy glow.
    I have been using this products 2x a week and absolutely love it- after cleansing my skin I apply a thin layer and leave it on for 5-10 minutes before rinsing it off. It does burn a little but that’s how you know it’s working it’s magic and it leaves no sticky residue on your skin after application. This mask leaves my skin feeling clean and fresh and I am loving that glow.

  30. R

    Verified Buyer

    My skin tends to be sensitive to many products so I tend to lean towards clean beauty products that are gentle on the skin. I love this face mask because not only is it gentle on the skin, it helps leave my skin looking less inflamed from breakouts and glowy. Breakouts tends to leave many feeling insecure about their skin, but I absolutely love how this face mask calms my redness makes my skin look hydrating and bright.

  31. G

    Genelle Lovett
    Verified Buyer

    Really loved this product. So many face masks smell weird, but this smelled so good.

  32. A

    Andrea Lipnos
    Verified Buyer

    In about 2 weeks it cleared up all of my skin issues.

  33. L

    Verified Buyer

    I like this mask and the feel of my skin after. Thank you for a great quality product.

  34. H

    Verified Buyer

    With dry & sensitive skin, it’s hard to find products with vitamin C & exfoliants that aren’t too drying, but this mask works perfectly! It hydrates my skin and I love all of the ingredients it contains!

  35. Natasha D
    Verified Buyer

    I am loving this product so much. My face has been very acne prone lately. I noticed that as soon as I used the mask that my skin wasn’t so dry and dull looking either. The consistency of the mask is creamy and velvety too. It applies easily, smells Amazing, and leaves my skin feeling clean, rejuvenated, and youthful looking. I also love that all the ingredients are natural and good for your skin. I can’t wait to try more MODB products.

  36. A

    Verified Buyer

    Love this mask! Made my skin soft and glowing. It made my pores not as noticeable and my skin felt amazing afterwards!

  37. B

    Bonni Chavez
    Verified Buyer

    Perfect clarifying mask for my dry skin. I’m not left feeling like the life has been sucked out of my skin but I still get the clarifying benefits of the cream.

  38. shannon
    Verified Buyer

    This Model Off Duty Superfood Skin Glow is one of the best masks I have ever used on my face! Not only does it smell delicious, but it left my skin feeling so clean & absolutely glowing! I cannot recommend it enough. I will be purchasing for all of my girlfriends when they need gifts.

  39. tori benedict
    Verified Buyer

    loved this face mask! I saw an immediate difference after washing off of my face – my skin was brighter and felt so clean and refreshed. It has a very strong pumpkin smell too, which i love!

  40. p

    Verified Buyer

    As a lifelong vegetarian and animal right enthusiast, I’ve transitioned to using only cruelty free products, which is what lead me to try Model Off Duty Beauty. I tried the Superfood Skin Glow mask which is targeted to help acne prone skin. It smelled delicious, first of all, which is always a plus.

    I left it on for ten minutes as recommended, and left my face feeling soft, and very very clean. Then when i woke up the following morning, my skin was very clear and had a glow to it. I am very excited to continue using this product and would 100% recommend. One thing to note: when you try it the first time, you get a sort of warm tingling feeling. Not a bad thing at all, just took me by surprise.

  41. K

    Kimberly Ann Jennings
    Verified Buyer

    I loved this face mask! It has a nice, smooth, velvety consistency and glides on nicely

  42. D

    Verified Buyer

    I received the mask about a week ago and wow! Not only does it smell like fresh pumpkin pie, but as soon as it goes on you can feel it working, tingly all over and my skin is already looking fresher in one week! I can’t wait to try the other ones from MODB.

  43. R

    Rachel Coelho
    Verified Buyer

    I lovr this awesome Mask!
    It smells wonderful, feels delicous and left my skin feeling Clean and glowing.

  44. K

    Kyle C-Bman
    Verified Buyer

    I loved how clean and refreshed my face felt after using this mask. I’m excited to have found this product and can’t wait to add it to my weekly skin care regimen.

  45. A

    Alyssa Robles
    Verified Buyer

    I absolutely love this product!! It makes my face feel super soft and awesome! I’ve gotten a few of their products and they’re all great! Love this company!

  46. P

    Patti Smith
    Verified Buyer

    This mask goes on easy and is not greasy. It feels great while it is on and washes off nicely.

  47. M

    Maria Williams
    Verified Buyer

    I love this Clarifying age reverse mask. Model off duty beauty’s skin care products are all naturally derived and made of clean and effective ingredients to suit your healthy lifestyle. Highly recommend. 5 stars all the way.

  48. S

    Stacy Starr
    Verified Buyer

    My skin definitely felt tighter and cleaner after using this, and it’s even helped exfoliate some of the dead skin left behind from a healing pimple.

  49. S

    Stacy Siddle
    Verified Buyer

    My skin definitely feels softer and appears brighter. I think it’s a good value because it’s a sizable container and you don’t use much per application.

  50. M

    Melaney Hays
    Verified Buyer

    Great product for facial mask. Leaves your skin feeling tingly and fresh.

  51. D

    Diana Gómez
    Verified Buyer

    This mask has been a great addition to my skin routine. It goes on smooth and has a soft cucumber fragrance that relaxes me.

  52. T

    Tayda Holmes
    Verified Buyer

    I love this Clarifying age reverse mask. Model off duty beauty’s skin care products are all naturally derived and made of clean and effective ingredients to suit your healthy lifestyle.

  53. H

    Verified Buyer

    This mask is great! It is a bit different from the single bag type masks that seem all the hype right now on store racks and in beauty boxes.

  54. T

    Taylor Austin
    Verified Buyer

    Purchased this to prep my skin before my wedding and I love how smooth, tight and refreshed it leaves my skin feeling! Seems to work great.

  55. J

    Jill Morello
    Verified Buyer

    Finally found a product that actually works on blackheads!!! I am happy with this product and will order again 🙂

  56. M

    Verified Buyer

    Great face mask. Skin feels refreshed and smooth. Smells great! Jar is larger than I expected.

  57. A

    Verified Buyer

    Wonderful feel! Love all their products!!!

  58. J

    Verified Buyer

    Love it! I could feel it working after just a couple minutes.

  59. M

    Maria Carden
    Verified Buyer

    I’m happy with this product. I was looking for something to fill my curiosity of all the hype around this stuff and I like it so far. Easy to use.